Best Single Serve Blender

Imagine now that you can make your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas or baby food anywhere without following the usual blender limits.
Now wherever you go, you can experience the freshest and most amazing flavors with this single blender is portable and USB rechargeable that you can carry anywhere and without worry.
The single-serve blender is ideal for combining frozen drinks, smoothies, shakes and more. The included travel lid allows you to drink straight from the jar, which fits neatly into most car cup holders. This electric blender has stainless-steel blades for dry mixing and cleaning that is dishwasher safe.
Having these blenders is a great option for you. However, this will help if you have time to choose from them. In this busy life, neither of us has the spare time to go over all the options and get the best. On the other hand, you do not want to compromise on quality.
Now we have done all the hard work of researching the complete market of Personal Blender. We have compiled a list of the best portable blenders for travel. All of our select blenders have some standard specifications for the intended purposes.

Top 8 Best Single Serve Blender in 2020:

1. Hamilton Beach Single-serve Blender

Mix it and blend it…!!
The Hamilton is the best single serve blender which is a durable portable that helps to experiment and making varieties of drinks, now something is happening that is going to be love. You can extract almost all the fruits and vegetables.
This blender is compact so that it takes limited space in your kitchen you can leave it in your kitchen counter and store it easily. It has durable body components, these components with strong and durable working conditions ensure longevity. It comes with a 14-ounce jar that helps you in the morning rush.
This BPA-free, dishwasher safe jar is an all-in-one travel sports bottle. It’s portable that you can fit this jar into your car holder. It will also fit into a baby walker’s cup holder.
The power base has a 175-watt motor. The numbers look small but generate enough torque to crush the motor. This motor will smooth, vibrate, baby formula and marinade in seconds. This is the best single serve blender as its impact-resistant bottle is versatile in use and portability.

Bottom Line: Hamilton Beach is specially designed to make your life a little easier, it preparing delicious juices, smoothies and beverages effortlessly.

Hamilton Beach Single serve BlenderKey Features:

175-watt power base
Container with 14-Oz capacity
The container is dishwasher safe and BPA-free
Stainless steel blades
Additional On and Pulse feature

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Compact size
Easy storage capacity
Easy to clean and carry
With Affordable Price


Jar capacity is limited
Only one pot

2. Sboly Single Serve Blender

It is easy to use Blender, which comes without complicated settings or unnecessary buttons. With excellent components this is the best single serve blender that you can use to crush ice, fruits and vegan ingredients and so on. Nutritional and Vitamin Extraction Extracts hidden nutrients from them all in just 10 seconds, helping you to provide nutrition with nutrients.
It equipped with a compact base with rubberized legs for better grip and performance, as well as a proper space-saver blender that is easy to store after your work is done with it. Sboly smart blender machine will support you throughout the day to maintain your daily running schedule.
The size and motor power consistency of this blender is great, the compact design and efficient 300 motor power will meet both of your needs.
This blender is reliable with its safety features, which prevent the unit from starting when the cup is not properly installed. All cups are Triton BPA free so you don’t even have to worry about health issues and it is dishwasher safe. Blender may sometimes overheat due to prolonged use or technical breakdowns. With this in mind, this mixer has the option of overheating and automatic recovery. The best single serve blender to relieve stress and keep you healthy, it can be your ideal partner.

Bottom Line: Extremely compact and durable personal blender perfect for traveling with you to work, games or sporting events and ideal for small living spaces.

Sboly Single Serve BlenderKey Features:

Easy to use
Compact base with rubberized feet for better grip
With excellent components
Efficient 300-watt motor
Convenient and portable
Designed with safety features

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Sufficient capacity
Quality blades with sharp edges
Portability on point
Dishwasher-safe parts
BPA-free material
Capable of doing extended tasks


Not designed for crushing tough ingredients like big chunks

3. Keyton Single Serve Blender

The Keyton is the best single serve Blender which is convenient and portable to carry. It is a personal blender that will make your kitchen look great. Blender is intended for a quick mix of shakes that will save you time. This will quickly remove the fluid and nutrients from your fruits or veggies.
It comes with 21 ounces and doubles the BPA-free rug to work as a sports cap with a sports cap so you can easily carry your ready-to-shake anywhere you go. The unit works with the simple one-touch operation when the bottle is pressed down to the bottom and can be locked hands-free to operate.
The bases are equipped with success to secure the base to your counter or table when you mix. Bottles and blades are dishwashers safe for easy access. However, do not use hot water to clean the bottle or mix it with hot water or the shape of the bottle may deteriorate. This is the best single serve blender that Works perfectly and conveniently, it features a powerful function that can be operated with a single touch operation.

Bottom Line: At a very affordable price, which will keep your pocket safe. Moreover, the auto-stop function will protect the mixer from any unwanted accidents.

Keyton Single Serve BlenderKey Features:

Portable and Sleek design
300-watt motor power
21-oz capacity container
Easy One-touch functioning
Convenient sports lid
Easy to use and carry

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With a compact design and sleek look
Easy to store and carry
Strong and powerful motor
Auto-stop function
Affordable and Easy to clean


Only one cup
No extra cap

4. Ayyie Single Serve Smoothie Blender

The Ayyie is the best single serve blender which is portable that as its Cup offers all manner of service. Buying a product doesn’t just focus on the work it does. It also ensures customer health, various features and many more. Made of food-grade and safe ingredients, this product is BPA-free and non-toxic.
Built-in mechanical safety ensures that everything, all components are in the right place. However, if the product is overcharged or overheated, this machine will not work. This juicer is USB rechargeable. So, you can charge this and take it on any trip. Once fully charged, it can provide 10-15 cups of juice.
Most importantly, it is very easy to clean. All you need is 20 seconds to make your shake or smoothie. It is also lightweight, so whether it is your home or workplace, you can use a juicer without any stress. The juicer has a speed of 20000 rotations.
Hamilton Beach personal blender allows you to create a smooth beverage, you can evenly mixed drinks for your desired consistency and taste every time with this best single serve blender.

Bottom Line: With a dual-powered motor and faster speed rotation, this blender is versatile that functions with easy mobility as well as perfect for making different smoothies, juices, baby food supplement.

Ayyie Single Serve Smoothie BlenderKey Features:

20000 high rotation speed
It make 10-15 cups of juice at a time
It contains a built-in mechanical safety system
USB rechargeable
lightweight Juicer

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5. Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional Single Serve Blender

Are You Losing Your Healthy Drink? Ninja Personal Blender is here as the perfect solution for you.
It has both solutions to ensure easy accessibility and good health which makes it one of the best single serve blender. The well-equipped Hurricane Push technology enables grinding blades and moving whole fruits smoothly without destroying any nutritional value.
With 1000 watts of the high-power motor for fine compatibility and shake, you can rest on it with the hardest element or even snow, it will crush on everything like a ninja. The difference in the lid design is also one of the reasons, it allows us to put the food down for another blending round.
For easy washing, you pour some soapy solution and rinse parts quickly. Don’t worry the contents won’t hurt as they are completely dishwasher safe.
It includes THREE BPA-Free Nutri Ninja cups along with two sips and easy seal-lids, one-24 oz., one-18 oz. & one-12 oz, you can live your active life without compromising with health and taste. Blend your recipes and take them on the run with this best single serve blender.

Bottom Line: Ninja has pre-clean and quick-clean technology, which is one of the best features of this blender which helps save a lot of time.

Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional Single Serve BlenderKey Features:

Powerful 1000 watt motor
PRO Extractor Blades to break down whole fruits
Dishwasher safe for added convenience
Three BPA-Free Nutri Ninja cups
Easy to use and clean

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6. TENSWALL Singel Serve Blender

Tenswall Portable Blender is a high-rated and best single serve blender incorporating excellent safety features. You can use it for a combination of vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies, protein shakes, baby foods and masks. It’s lightweight and you can easily take it to the office, gym, school and other outdoor activities like camping.
This blender comes with six stainless steel blades that are very powerful, with high rotation speed, which keeps this blender apart from the others. Its motor speed is 22000 rpm which shows effective rotation rates to ensure you get the smoothest juice. When you separate the cups on the body of the blender, the blades automatically stop working. This smart feature protects you from accidental deductions. The manufacturer has included an instruction manual to make it easier for you to operate Blender with a free USB cable.
The best single serve blender has a self-cleaning mode in which fills the bottle with water and press the power button to quickly clean it and for further use.

Bottom Line: Blender is surprisingly easy to use, as you only have to press a button to enjoy the silky smooth juices.

TENSWALL Singel Serve BlenderKey Features:

4000mAh rechargeable battery
One-Touch operation
The powerful motor of 22000-RPM speed with 7.4v
Six stainless steel blades
High tech design together with food-grade material

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7. Little bees USB Electric Safety Single serve blender

The Little Seed Mini Blender has both speed and agility. This is the best single serve blender made of environment-friendly materials and it is high temperature resistant, high light transmittance material. This is a battery-powered portable mini blender that is easy to use anywhere. Moreover, it can make all kinds of beverages.
If you are interested in drinking juice, but you are late to work, our blender is an ideal option for you, as you may be interested in your work path. If you have a child or a big man in your family, you can’t miss this product. This blender comes in pastel pink color and it is USB chargeable.
It is not ideal for mixing ice or frozen fruit if you like cold drinks and gelato-style smoothies, less easy than other sturdy travel blenders. Also, it is not recommended for nuts or hard foods, and you may need to cut your fruit into small pieces to mix well and smoothly. It is water-resistant and easy to clean it. It runs on two lithium batteries included in the small portable blender package. The little travel blender which is stylish and easy to carry the best single serve blender.

Bottom Line: This portable blender is made by rechargeable and food-grade material, which is non-toxic and BPA-free for safety and has a lid with a drinkable area and small enough to carry cups.

Little bees USB Electric Safety Single serve blenderKey Features:

Rechargeable battery with 4800 mAh
Environment- friendly Material
More Convenient and Powerful Functions
Waterproof and Washable
Design With Safety functions

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8. H HUKOER Single Serve Blender

Just Click the button and shake it…
The H HUKOER is made with environmental materials that are more durable. The best single serve blender which is safer than ordinary plastic, FDA, CE, RoHS Certified, and it is BPA free. You will love this blender, it is the perfect size for drinking and is perfect for those traveling or outdoors. It is very easy to use to make any juice without any effort, and since it is chargeable, it lasts a long time once you’ve charged.
This is cordless USB rechargeable blender, which is built-in with 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, takes 3-5 hours to fully charge, and a single charge can make 15 to 20 cups of smoothies, no matter of the plug. It can be charged with a power bank, laptop or car charger.
It is lightweight and easy to clean, doesn’t know when it will be easy and when it will come in amazing colors. It charged by power bank. With great quality and very durable best single serve blender that works efficiently.

Bottom Line: This blender is very nice and portable with very good performance and easy to clean, which is perfect for making smoothies or milkshakes

H HUKOER Single Serve BlenderKey Features:

Powerful performance
Easy to use and clean
With an exclusive safety button
5200mAh large battery capacity
Premium environmental material

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Enjoy your new blender!
We have discovered 2 blenders for you that work out without any hassle and are the best blenders for your trip. What are you looking for, there are plenty of great appliances on the market. We hope this article of the best single-serve-blenders with reviews helps you to discover your new favorite products.

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